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Counselling & Therapy

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We provide counselling and therapy to individuals and the whole family including the perpetrators.

To access our counselling and therapy service, please call our office at 587.352.9422.



We speak up on behalf of the whole family, ensuring that all voices are heard because everyone is a victim.



Domestic abuse in an African home is seen as a normal practice for a man to control his wife. It is part of the culture and tradition dating back centuries that allows women to be treated as inferior and properties. Our focus is to change the narrative and advocate for change in the African home and community. To work with community leaders including places of worship to see to it that the voices of the victims are not silent and their stories are shared and breaking the cultural and tradition of how women are treated. 



No victims should be told to stay in a home that is not safe. Our education programs provide information for the African communities to better support victims. We provide education on the various. types of abuse, how to identify them and how we can better support victims from a safe place.